Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Advice Ever From a Law Professor

I remember as a one L in first semester Constitutional law class, a professor who turned out to be my favorite professor told us "just because you do well in this class, or any class for that matter, do not think you can just go practice law." You don't get to know much more than what the outcome could be, you will never know how the outcome will be.

In a way, law school was like life in that even if you know where you are headed, even with a map, it doesn't take anything more than a tiny comma to totally wreck your trip, or your life.

I like where things are headed, but I am very cautious at this point about how much security I might have. Mostly, because of how easily everything can come to a grinding halt. At this point, I can be optimistic because even of everything doesn't work out, it is mostly going to.

I love general ambiguity, I revel in it actually. That's why I know I am going to be an awesome attorney: I love making mountains out of molehills, and now I gotta make a sandwich. Happy living!

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