Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Out, Now What

So, now that I've been out of law school for one month, I am, what I like to refer to as "hunting for a job." It's not going bad anymore. At first, there was no response to my resumes. Then, after following my law school career center advice for the past year, and getting absolutely no calls, I hit up my undergrad career center, who was amazing at helping me a few years before. Anyway, after doing some serious revisions, and after ostracizing my law CPC and the dean who decided to side with them rather than look at what a terrible job they did advising me to change it in the first place, well, I've had several interviews, and several more upcoming, and 90% are actually in firms. So, now I just keep plugging away until someone takes me.

Until then, I continue to garden, write music, and hang out with my kids. Family time is something I not only enjoy, but my whole days often seems to circle around what I can drag the kids out to do. Sometimes it's stupid, like getting coffee and cookies, sometimes it's more productive, like hitting the local state park (where we get in free thanks to the yearly member pass!).

Thanks for following me, dear readers, I deleted every post from the last three years because that person was awfully focused on the trials and tribulations, not to mention the abhorrent cost of law school. Now, I'm off, as the wizard, looking for my Oz. It'll come, maybe I just need to find a giant poppy field to play in first?

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